Lammily First Edition Photos!

The packaging symbolizes her arrival after her adventures in many different countries. Because the doll was crowdfunded throughout the world, it’s a homage to the backers, who come from diverse backgrounds and places.

first edition 1

When you open the box, you’ll find a pamphlet explaining where’s she’s been all this time! Take it out of the box and have a look!

first edition 2


When you fully open the box, there she is!

first edition 3























What was once just a digital prototype in the hard drive of a computer is now a a reality! There are some things about the doll which weren’t planned for, but turned out to be crucial to its design.

The arms and legs have a rubbery, skin like feel, making the doll have a softer feel. Some have noted that they “like the feel of it.”

The manufacturer made the hair really soft, just like real hair. Kids who’ve played with it often mention this feature of the doll.

first edition 5























The toes of the doll are incredibly detailed, adding to its realism.


27 thoughts on “Lammily First Edition Photos!

  1. Simon says:

    Hello, just to say I just received Lammily, she is very cute and so human. I didn’t expect such difference comparing to half-skeleton classic doll.
    My daughter really like her, since one week she is always bring her.
    Thanks a lot for this great initiative

  2. Arkady says:

    My Lammily doll arrived this morning and my 7-year-old daughter’s reaction was “Mummy, she looks just like a real girl!” My initial thoughts (as a collector of both BJDs and 1:6 figures) is that I like that she has joints in shoulders (full range of movement including sideways), elbows, wrists, neck, ankles, knees and hips (forward and backward only). She could sit on a 1:6 scale horse quite comfortably, but looks a little inelegant when sitting down normally as her legs tend to splay to the sides when bent up. All her joints “click” into position fairly firmly which is good – there’s no worry that you’ve overstressed the joints. She has an actual belly button which I was impressed by (a detail that gets omitted in so many 1:6 dolls) but moulded plastic pants, and no real definition to her breasts; it would have been nice to see a little more definition in these areas and a little less prudishness. She would be improved by proper ball joints in her hips like the ones in her shoulders, and some waist articulation would be nice, but overall for a first edition doll I’m pretty pleased with her. I can appreciate that others would have liked to see different skin tones and hair colours but I’m sure as Lammily takes off there will be a wider range of options available. I’d concur on the facial features – they’re overly simplistic, and I shall likely be repainting her myself (and quite possibly rerooting her hair) but I appreciate that modifications like this are likely beyond most average purchasers of Lammily. But I look forward to seeing what other customisers will do with her – and seeing how Lammily develops from here with the next version!

  3. cathop says:

    My Lammily Doll just arrived today! I’m soooo pleased! She is everything I had hoped she would be! Very well made. Her hair is awesome! I just love her feet… : } I’m looking forward to more Lammily dolls, would love to see ethnic dolls and of course a guy doll too. I want to build an Average (beautiful) looking Dollhouse just for her and all her friends! Please keep this line of dolls going don’t stop…

  4. gakaiaraan says:

    OK, just went to see if I could add another soldier doll to my kid’s dolls, but the new stuff is not what I used to buy for their older siblings.

    DO PLEASE make a normal looking guy doll!

  5. gakaiaraan says:

    I’m delighted. This doll looks more like a real person. She has a healthy athletic body and a pleasing expression on her face. I can hardly wait to introduce this one to my kids.

    I look forward to the line expanding into other ethnic groups so that I can give my children dolls that do not all look the same. Will there be an “average guy” looking doll? That would be great too– although mine all have action figures from the GI Joe line that they use to facilitate their imagination play.

  6. Joyah says:

    I’m really excited for the next Lammily, as you said you would change body types and race. This doll is close to perfect in my view. We’ll just have to see. I’m not a doll fan, but this is definitely on my Christmas list.

  7. Maria R. says:

    Omigosh, YES to Atoneshou, who commented up above. It would be so fun to have that cute suitcase produced! Especially if it really opened and closed. I’m also looking forward to seeing what the next doll in the Lammily line will look like. I’d love a tan-skinned girl with black hair. I’d also love to see a party dress, maybe with a high (“Empire”) waist and a full skirt.

  8. Karina says:

    Hello! Thank you so much for creating Lammily. I love her proportions! When I was young all of my Barbies showed me that I had to grow up to be a certain height, and that my width had to be such-and-such. I did not grow up to be this way. I’m 5’5′, 140 lbs. and a size 8-10 in pants. I don’t really have a large bust, but I have very wide shoulders and hips. I’m a little boxy actually. When I saw Lammily I saw more of myself and my mom than I ever have in Barbie. In fact, my sister-in-law wont buy her daughter a Barbie for the unrealistic proportions. I cannot wait however, wait to buy a Lammily for my niece this Christmas. I’m sure she’ll love her!

  9. Linda says:

    So happy finally a doll that will not give girls a complex before they even develop! So many self esteem issues come from and ideal that isn’t real with dolls and airbrushed Models it is time the real deal step into the spot light. Congratulations we will be supporting your efforts with purchases

  10. Nadia says:

    Muchas gracias por la creación de Lammily, es realmente una revolución en la industria de las muñecas. Es necesario mostrarles a nuestros niños cual es lo real, lo verdadero. Lammily realmente es muy linda !

    Saludos desde Chile!

  11. Anna says:

    Can’t wait. Just ordered the doll. Totally supportive of this and the video really spoke to me from the grade 2’s. Great job. About time Barbie had some “Healthy” competition

  12. SAA1451 says:

    I agree with the person who liked her hands – and I think the concept is Wonderful.

    However, I think the face is an issue. Her eyes are too low on her face and her nose is too small in comparison with the age implied by her body. It is like someone placed an 11 year old’s face on a 16 year old’s body.
    or, is it just me — jealous that her nose is so much smaller than mine?
    Anyway – next version — bigger nose…

    BTW – if you do an African-American version or any other enthicity — please, please pay close attention to the facial features. Most Barbies are only distinguishable as different ethnicities based on the slightly different color of the plastic used in the mold.


  13. Cali says:

    I just found out about her. I really love fashion dolls I have a very small collection and I enjoy sewing clothes for them. Lammily is absolutely unique, I think I’m going to get one. Good job on her, she is lovely -and I hope she’ll soon get some friends 😉

  14. DEV says:

    Love this Lammily Doll, and just purchased her for my collection! Please, please make a black version with natural, kinky, curly, afro styled hair. Our girls are so very in need of a doll that REALLY look like them. I would be more than happy to contribute funds and ideas.

  15. marnyhand says:

    Will there be an African American doll? My great-nieces, although anglo, prefer African-American dolls.

  16. Zoey says:

    I realized when I read the comment about the hands that deaf children don’t have a doll that can sign, it would be cool if someone could make the lammily doll able to sign.

  17. Shannon Baughman says:

    I wanted to get my little girl one. She is blond and likes playing with dolls that look like her. Where can we buy the blond version?

  18. Theresa says:

    I love the doll and the clothes are very stylish. Great job! I am ordering just to have for my collection. Are you thinking of expanding your brand by adding other ethnic groups? I would really love to see a black doll and a Hispanic doll that has slightly different body shapes, not just a different color.

  19. Cherisse says:

    Her hands are so amazing, I think I like that feature the best, they are open and seem kinder compared to the “fingers stuck together” version of the typical barbie. You really put alot of thought into this!!!!

  20. BJ Eller says:

    I donated to help get the Lammily doll off of the ground. I didn’t know if it would be real or not. I am very happy to be getting her ! I am 72 years old and still love dolls. I hope that there will be pattern packages for her and be able to purchase shoes, sox, Panties, and other personal items for her with out buying an outfit. I love to sew and want to make clothes for her. Thank you for letting me have one of the first styles out there.
    Good luck

  21. an unhappy eleven year old says:

    how come there isn’t a blonde, black, or red haired lammily or a darker skinned one there is no “normal” girl because everybody is different this doll isn’t normal not everybody gets acne some people live their whole life with out it or pimples. your calling the doll normal and your taking that from just how she looks someone who is albino could see this and feel like they have to look like that and they shouldn’t look how they look because that is the perception of normal. i am a 11 year old girl and i dont like the lammily doll you should have thought this throough before you released the doll my comment better not be deleted because i want my opinion to be heard.

  22. Elisabeth C. says:

    Lammily is such a cute doll. She is very unique and her facial expression seems very genuine. And like the children in the video, she reminds me of someone I know (my sister).

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