15 thoughts on “Reviews of Lammily Doll

  1. Vicki Peppler says:

    I gave two of the dolls to a 9 year old girl – she was delighted with them, especially their shape . I did not mention their more realistic bodies, she was the one to point it out!
    They are fun and have a nice pamphlet and clothes. We love the hair – Suggestions – the shoes – don’t stay on , except the running shoes – Also it would be nice if the doll could stand up alone, without being held up. Also, we need more pants and play clothes with running type shoes.
    But overall, so great to have a realistic doll – thank you. I am happy to support your product.

  2. anthony says:

    I like the doll greatly. I like that she can wear heels or flats. I just have to buy some outfits. She is very pretty. I like the concept. I love the soft hair. I hope to buy more dolls later. I hope the new dolls would come in a swimsuit or a basic outfit that interchange with different accessories. A shoe pack would be great or hats. I don’t know if the artist drawings on the box are true outfits that were mixed and matched of the already produced. I would like to see the suitcase and ice skate or skate board.

  3. Wendy Santucci says:

    I just emailed my daughter to see if my 6 1/2 yr old granddaughter would like me to bring some new Lammily clothes when I go to visit in a few weeks. There was a very discouraging response – my granddaughter puts American Girl doll clothes on Lammily and she’d rather have Barbie clothes. 🙁 I’m so sad but culture profoundly affects us. My daughter does not support Barbie purchases and has never bought her one. It’s disheartening but we’ve got to keep up the good fight!
    PS Her feet have been lost for awhile. 🙁

  4. Kim pedersen says:

    Oops I mean my mom said she will buy this doll for me and I will name it after my beautiful sister Kate

  5. Kim pedersen says:

    Hi I’m Kim and I’m 12! I LOVE THIS DOLL! She looks a lot like my beautiful 15 year old sister Kate! My mom. Said she will buy this for me and I will name it after my sister Kate

  6. 4grtkidz says:

    im 11 and i do have self asteam problems i always new that barbie had a bad body but no matter what i keep comparing my self to her, i discovered lammily from myfroggystuff, i fell in love with her just the fact that she is athletic and loves travling, its just SO COOL! i have been saving up for a while and we just ordered one, even thoe the clothes are a bit pricey i have complete faith in this product, i hope that when i have kids everyone will now who lammily is, or al least have better sized doll

  7. Lita says:

    I had seen when you were raising funds for this project and while I didn’t donate I did think it was a great idea. Just recently I saw something about it all again and that they were available. I hadda have one! Just for me – an almost 70 year old woman! Just to prove to myself there’s hope out there. lol I love her. I hope the issues others seem to be having are resolved soon. I will brag her up to whomever I get a chance too. Great job!!

  8. Rosalie Hendley says:

    Great doll except her feet fall off! Should have come up with a better design for kids. Frustrating to play with something that keeps falling apart! Even Barbie does not lose her parts! If you can fix this you will have a great doll!

  9. Rita-Marie says:

    I love my new doll! I asked St. Nicholas to bring me a Barbie for Christmas, but this one’s even better! She can move her wrists and ankles. I’m so glad Santa brought me this special doll- she’s the real deal 🙂 I named her Regina.

  10. Lydia Baran says:

    Further to my comments about the feet, I would appreciate being contacted directly about the feet problems. They fall off when we are PLAYING with her, not when taking off her shoes. It is troublesome to play and before you know it, the doll has no feet. I think my doll was not constructed properly as the feet should not come off so easily. purchased under lydia baran Date: 11/02/2014 Amount: $32.00

  11. laura says:

    Hi there will you be making some novelty t-shirts and more jeans for lammily I would love to se her with more boyish practical clothing than dresses?

  12. Lammily says:

    Hi Lydia, The feet and hands can be taken off and put back in. The feet may come off while taking off her shoes. In order to keep her feet in place, try applying pressure on the back heel of the shoe!

  13. Lydia Baran says:

    I am waiting to hear back from the company about replacing or refund on my doll purchase. I love the concept, but her two feet fell off and an arm fell off the next day! This is with supervised play by a 4 year old! I will look to see if this comment is posted. Please post and also provide a response so that other purchasers can see if there is integrity behind this wonderful concept. What good is a fab new doll if her feet fall off and disturb the girls she is meant to charm?

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