Christmas Shipping Times

Lammily would like to thank all of its supporters for making our launch a success. We are thrilled that thousands of you are enjoying the holiday season with your Lammily dolls. Please continue sharing your stories and experiences with us, as we absolutely love hearing them!

Unfortunately, some of you did not receive your dolls before Christmas as promised or have tracking numbers that don’t work.
Certain contributing circumstances were beyond our control, these include:

1. The site crashing during the November 19 launch date resulted in an extra week and a half for processing the thousands of orders.
2. A strike in the Long Beach shipping port forced us to ship dolls to US backers November 25 rather than November 15
3. Miscommunication between DHL and USPS caused tracking numbers not to work, even for orders that are shipped and on their way.
4. USPS and international carriers taking longer than expected to make their deliveries.

At the end of the day, however, we understand that these mean little to our customers still awaiting their dolls.

As a small, developing company, we tried to do more than we could. We take full responsibility and apologize for the delays.

If you have yet to receive your order, it is on its way.

If you have any issues, please email [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve it and make you happy.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

20 thoughts on “Christmas Shipping Times

  1. NicoleDSK says:

    Stacey…. I took a circle of cloth and cut a hole in the mlddle, and hemmed it. I cut a slit of about an inch, perpendicular to the inner circle, so the skirt could open up. I hemmed the edge of the skirt. Then I took a rectangle of cloth and made darts at the bust, sides, and shoulder blades, and hemmed it, and sewed it to the skirt. I added trim. I made straps of matching cloth trimmed with lace. I didn’t use a pattern, just fitted it to the doll.

  2. Becca says:

    We were so excited to put Lammily under the tree, but now we’re equally disappointed. She cannot stand. Her feet fall off all the time. Her hands do impossible rotations. Most of the time we find her missing a foot. Totally disturbing and annoying. This is a doll for playing as opposed to displaying, right? Was she tested on kids? What age? I was totally going to buy all the clothes and stuff, but now I’m not. The doll doesn’t work, which is silly, considering dolls have been around for a very, very long time and they’re not rocket science. Sad:(

  3. Jo says:

    As a collector who will not remove the doll from her box, I am happy with it overall, however, as she comes having travelled the world, I thought she should have come holding a suitcase.

  4. Carly says:

    Anyone else have problems with the hands and feet coming out easily? They pop back in, but I’m worried they’ll get lost. We can’t get the shoes off without the feet popping out; they come out with just a gentle tug. Sad. They are also so loose, they flip and flop and round are facing backward more often than not. A little disappointing

  5. Mariana says:

    I knew I woudnt get mine until xmas since as I said, my country mail service sucks, but now I’m starting to get worried because something I bought way later (in the end of december) got here already with DHL…

  6. vittoria.doell says:

    I also forgot I ordered Lammily in march and she arrived really in time. She is AMAZING!!!!! I am so proud of all of us to have made this little doll come true! I want my daughter (13) to orientate toward a realistic image and not such a sick thing like the other dolls (I don’t want mention them…). Just a question – we name Lammily, but then we couldn’t do anything here – is there a chance to have a space for all the girls now owning a Lammily to show them, build personalities around them, chat etc? Just a suggestion… Thank you and good luck for your future! Alessandra

  7. Stacey says:

    Does anyone have dress patterns for her they can share? I’m still waiting for my doll. Ordered it November 23 as a gift. Might be in my country now. …somewhere. As I don’t trust ordering clothes after the ordeal with getting the doll. I’d like to make clothes to give to the person I’m giving the doll to.

  8. Debbi Duncan says:

    I received my Lammily on time.. and have just deboxed her. Overall she is a very cute doll.. but I do have one criticism. The doll or at least mine…cannot stand on its own. The ankle joints and feet are so loose that she cannot stand because her torso is heavy and causes her to fall over. For your next production run, I would suggest that maybe you would consider a tighter ankle joint or making her feet out of the harder vinyl as in her torso so that she may freely stand.

  9. Pattra says:

    I got my little one just an hour before I went out on vocation. She was coming without any defect and the box was still in a very good condition. She’s pretty and I couldn’t put her down so, I just took her with me and have to say that I’m looking forward to dressing her with the new fashion out coming. Thank you so much for the beautiful creation.

  10. Tammy says:

    I got my Lammily with no snags 🙂 As an adult collector I just love her and have not been able to put her down. I even started a forum for Lammily collectors but I don’t know if I can post it here.

  11. Rebecca says:

    I’m hoping post Christmas shipping is going better than during the Christmas rush. I’m looking forward to meeting Lammily.

  12. Lammily says:

    Hi Donna, I looked up your order and it is one of orders delayed at customs. You should receive it this week or very early next week! I apologize for the delay

  13. David Hernandez says:

    I ordered my daughters doll on December 1st, its December 31st and she’s yet to receive it!! My daughter had this doll on her Santa wish list, at the very top mind you. I am very unhappy, she is upset. I also ordered the Rocking London outfit and the Lammily Marks which are on back order until January 15th, which is understandable because the company made me well aware in advance. I received an email concerning the tracking number issues on 12/15 and the company assured me that the doll was on the way, if not already there, yet no doll. The doll was shipped but its in lala land in North Texas. I double checked my order, Order #11884, to verify that the ship to and bill to address was correct, it is, but yet no doll. I even waited until yesterday, December 30th, to give the company/shipper time to deliver before I sent an email concerning this order. No reply. This is unacceptable.

    Unhappy in North Texas

  14. Lacy says:

    Still waiting on our doll. Tracking number only says pre shishipment info sent to usps for days now. No updated info. Wish I knew where it was.

  15. Seth says:

    I am so pleased that our order arrived early and without any hitch. I had actually forgotten that I ordered this back in March, and when it arrived, I hid it until Christmas Day, today– and my daughter is pleased as punch 🙂 One day, when she takes a Women’s Studies Class in college, she will be able to tell her professor that her Dad was the best ever. Your company came into existence at precisely the right time for my almost-5 year old daughter. THANK YOU!!!

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