Tracking Number Issues

Some of you may have received tracking numbers that are not working. Here is a brief explanation of what is going on. We ask you to bear with us and have comfort knowing your Lammily Doll is on the way.

Why aren’t tracking numbers working?

It is a combination of the high volume of shipments because of the holiday season and a communication problem between DHL and USPS. In order to ensure that the dolls arrive to customers before the holidays we shipped them from our facility overseas. DHL carries the packages from China to the USPS. USPS is responsible for the final delivery to you. Currently there is some issue with transferring the tracking numbers from DHL to USPS even though the tracking numbers are valid. Rest assured, your order is on its way!

Once you receive your tracking number, you should receive your order within 7 business days. However, due to Christmas shipping volume, the amount of time may be more. If you order by the 13th, your order will arrive before Christmas.

Why does my tracking number say the doll is in China? Do I have any hope of it arriving before Christmas?

If your tracking number says the doll is in China, your doll may very well already be in your home country. USPS or your home carrier may not have updated the tracking information.

21 thoughts on “Tracking Number Issues

  1. Melissa says:

    I received my Lammily within a week of the above message. The package arrived in perfect condition and despite having seen pictures of the doll in the box and the box itself, the box and the doll were quite a sight to see in person. Thanks!!! Very happy customer.

  2. Melissa says:

    Thankfully my order was not placed before Christmas and I was not waiting on it for a gift. I think people would be advised to be patient. It seems that the dolls are being shipped from overseas and the delivery time is not known. In the day and age of, it seems that consumers have come to expect super fast turn-a-round times. I fully expect that once Lammily has been able to mature, that level of service will be common place for Lammily. I imagine the logistics are extremely difficult, but if at all possible I would recommend that the product be shipped directly to Lammily so that they can control the shipping transaction and by extension, the service to their customers. I am, however also anxious to lay my eyes on my Lammily doll to get started on making cute outfits for her.
    For customers that made their order after Christmas, is there an estimated length of shipping time that we should be aware of to determine the approximate date of delivery?

  3. Robert Zamora says:

    FINALLY received it on 1/11/15!!! I understand there were shipping issues,……it was the holiday season,………tracking #’s weren’t working,…..that this is a startup business with few employees……BUT I was very disappointed with the lack of communication!!!! I had to initiate it and then I didn’t get a prompt response!!!! I was counting on this being a Xmas present too, but Nnnooooooo!!!!…… Do you want free word of mouth of mouth advertising?????? When a problem arises, CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, nice doll, but she looks exhausted!!! And I think her luggage was lost!!! Is there a suitcase available for her next trip???!!!!!

  4. Lammily says:

    I just looked up your email in my database and see that your order was one of those delayed at customs. You should receive your order sometime this week!

  5. Lammily says:

    Hi Sarah, I cross-correlated your email with the list of orders that were delayed at customs. Your order is finally now in the hands of USPS and it will be delivered this week or early next week. I apologize for the delay!

  6. Lammily says:

    Hi Sondra, I looked up your order using your email address. It was one of the orders delayed at customs which is finally now in hands of USPS. Please let me know if you receive it this week! My email is [email protected]

  7. Lawrence Massimo says:

    I purchased a Lammily Doll for a Christmas present, it still has not arrived. I have emailed your help email several times and have not received a reply. The USPS has confirmed that you have not shipped a package using the tracking number that you provided. I am very disappointed with your lack of customer service and follow up. How do I get my order shipped??

  8. dannah says:

    It’s a touch disingenuous to say that the shipping issues are the fault of the shipper. You claimed to have shipped my package December 16th, yet it’s was JUST now accepted at a USPS center. If this was how it was meant to be, you should have stated as much up front. Stating that “orders ship within 24-48 hours” is untrue if it’s taking two weeks to even ship it.

    That said, I hope this policy changes because I really am excited for the Lammily doll and I hope that a more positive spin can be placed on the way we portray such dolls.

  9. JamesP6247 says:

    So much for Christmas delivery—–New Years eve now and nothing ! No tracking number sent, no reply to my e-mails. Got my money and I received nothing. Very poor service or no service at all.

  10. Sarah says:

    Hi- my daughter used her own money to order a Lammily doll. We placed the order on the 12th and received an email the same day saying the doll had shipped ( and the charge went through).
    As of today (12/30), still no doll and no response to the email I sent last week.
    We are extremely disappointed.

  11. Cornelia says:

    We are very sad that our doll did not arrive for Chrismas. Our little Granddaughter was sad to only see a doll on a piece of paper. And we cant see where the doll is via shippment tracking number.
    Our order was made on the 4th of December 2014

  12. T. Smith says:

    I ordered two dolls on December 5th. Today is December 28th and I still haven’t received them. Obviously these did NOT arrive by Christmas as promised. I left several voice mail messages before Christmas and haven’t heard anything from the company. I had to go out at the last minute and buy replacement gifts. I was very excited about these dolls, but now I’m just extremely disappointed by the lack of customer service.

  13. Melanie says:

    SUCCESS!! Finally received my Celia in yesterdays late mail! Just in time for the Yule tree! Hope others posting about the tracking numbers etc. receive their dolls as I did. After opening the box and checking Celia out I’m more impressed with her. You all did a fantastic job on your first run. Keep up the great work! My family is looking forward to your first ethnic, or bi-racial production. Good examples of different ethnic types are a necessity in this melting pot/salad style in which we now live, and NO ONE (that I know of) has approached this issue in any meaning full way. I look forward to your future success.

    As an aside, I do wish your outfits were a bit more pocket book friendly. In this day an age a nearly $20-$30 dollar outfit for a doll is a bit hard to swallow. Especially since younglings are notorious for loosing small items of clothing or apparel! LOL (as any mom or grandparent knows *rolls eyes and sighs*

    Here is wishing you and yours a wonderful season!
    Blessed be.

  14. Rhonda says:

    Our dolls arrived to day! I am looking forward to actually getting to see her and hold her on Christmas morning. It will be so interesting to see my daughters reactions to her. I sincerely hope all of the shipping issues get worked out! You have another loyal customer here.

  15. Ruth says:

    Thank you for posting this (like Rhonda, I wish it had been posted earlier). I ordered on Nov 19th, and was notified the dolls shipped Dec 4th (that’s when I got my broken tracking number) but I still haven’t seen any sign of the doll. Cutting it pretty close with only a couple business days left before Christmas.

    Despite the nail-biting shipping wait, you’ve got a lifetime customer in this household. I can’t wait for the boy dolls and other “healthy body shape” girl dolls, as well as other ethnicities. (On that note I hope you don’t just tint skin like Barbie does… let’s see some proper diversity, not Caucasians with dark skin!)

  16. Rhonda says:

    Thank You so much for the updated information with respect to the shipping and tracking situation. My only wish would have been if Lammily had posted this sooner. Looking forward to getting a package soon! I have heard so many wonderful comments about this new doll concept and can not wait to see her for myself! Wishing Lammily continued success as they break into the market.

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