How does ‘Curvy’ Barbie compare to the average woman?

We think that Barbie’s Evolution is a step in the right direction, it validates what Lammily started in 2014. How do the new dolls’ measurements stack up? We found an article from the BBC which we pasted below…

From BBC

The 1:6 calculations reveal that Curvy Barbie would have a UK size 6/8 waist (63cm or 24.8in) and size 8 hips (91.2cm or 35.9in). Her waist-to-height ratio, which is considered by many a more accurate health measurement than Body Mass Index (BMI), is 0.38 – slim indeed. She is far slimmer than the average 16-24-year-old woman in the UK. The average British woman of this age is 164.5cm (5ft 5in) and has a waist measuring 79.5cm (31.3in), according to the 2012 Health Survey of England.

But while Curvy Barbie is closer to reality, Tall and Petite Barbie do not fare so well when scaled up to real size. Tall Barbie would be 5ft 11in (180cm) tall, with a size 4 waist (56.4cm) and size 2 hips (78cm). Petite Barbie would be 4ft 11in (158.7cm) tall with a size 2 waist (52.8cm) and size 0 hips (72cm).

All four of the Barbies have a waist measurement that is close to 70% of their hip measurement. Studies have suggested that men find women more attractive when they have a 0.7 waist to hip ratio, whatever their weight.

Mattel argues Barbie shouldn’t be expected to represent average proportions in the first place. “Barbie is a doll. . .” However, psychologist Helga Dittmar, from Sussex University, says this is missing the point. “To say ‘Barbie isn’t supposed to be realistic’ is side-stepping the issue. If there is evidence that the doll does harm, if intended or not, then that is extremely worrisome.”

“It’s good at least something has been done,” Dittmar says, “but why can’t we have a well-proportioned body?”

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