How to Make a Zipline For Your Lammily Doll

What happens when you stretch a fishing line from a 120 foot bridge and have Lammily zipline down it? The world’s largest doll zipline ever made! Check out the video above to see the action and , if you’re interested, see how you can make a doll zipline for yourself or your kids! Full instructions are below…

To make a zipline for your Lammily doll, you’ll need

#01 Two bottle caps

#02 A wooden BBQ skewer

#03 Beads

#04 Black elastic hair ties

#05 Extra small dog collar

#06 Extra small black zip ties

#07 piece of nylon strap or ribbon

#08 Plastic egg

#09 Colored tape

#10 Paint

#11 Glue

#12 Fishing line

#13 And your Lammily doll

#14 Mark the inner side of your bottle caps at the very center

#15 Poke a tiny hole at the marks

#16 Push your skewer through the under side of one cap…

#17 … and into the top side of the other

#18 …so that they’re back to back but not quite touching

#19 Trim the skewer on both sides

#20 Apply glue to the cap where the skewer comes out

#21 Slide a bead on and secure in place

#22 One side at a time, slide a bead onto the skewer

#23 Apply glue to the tip of the skewer

#24 Push the bead back out, so that is glued to the end

#25 Once dry, paint the wooden bar

#26 Once paint has dried, loop a large hair tie around the bar, right next to the outer bead

#27 Tighten a zip tie

#28 Tighten another zip tie toward the bottom so that just a small loop remains

#29 Trim your zip ties and do the other side…

#30 …so that Lammily can grab her zipline handles

#31 For her helmet, remove the bottom part of your egg

#32 Cut a thin strip of colored tape

# 33 Place it down the middle of your helmet – mine had holes and I used the tape to cover them.

#34 Put a puddle of hot glue on the inside of your helmet

#35 Press a small hair tie into the puddle

#36 Put more glue over that.

#37 Once it is totally dry, put Lammily’s helmet on

#38 For her harness, start by adjusting your dog collar so that it fits around Lammily’s waist

#39 Remove it and loop a large air tie around it

#40 Tighten it with a zip tie

#41 Trim

#42 Do a second side…

#43 …and have Lammily step into her harness

#44 Flip her over and feed the nylon strap through the back of her harness

#45 Tighten with a zip tie

#46 trim

#47 From this point on, I’ll need to have my doll hanging from a string in her zipline and harness. I’m placing a clothespin on the line just in case she starts to slide.

#48 Put the zipline handlebar onto the line and loop a large hair tie around both sides

#49 Put your doll in place by having her grab her handles

#50 feed the nylon strap up through the hair tie loop

#51 zip tie in place

#52 trim your zip tie…

#53 …and your strap

#54 If you’d like to add the camera phone holder to Lammily’s zipline, remove the doll nd the handlebar from the line. Slide a large hair tie around the nylon strap of her harness.

#55 Slide a large hair tie onto each side of the loop part of the harness

#56 Put the handlebar with harness back onto the line

#57 Put Lammily back into place

#58 Loop the two hair ties that are attached to the top of the harness around your phone and secure it to the doll using the third tie – the one that is looped around the nylon strap

#59 It takes some maneuvering to make sure your camera has a clear shot, but I can see my hand perfectly through the camera

#60 You can also get a horizontal view by simply flipping your phone to it’s side and attaching the elastic bands the same way

#61 Now she’s ready to fly!!!

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