How to Make an Oxygen Tank For Your Lammily Doll

At first he didn’t think the blemishes were a good idea—especially the bruises and scars, which can be easily interpreted as something more insidious.

That was, at least, until he saw the movie Fault in Our Stars, which seemed to affect him. “A lot of us run away from reality,” said Lamm. “But I wanted to get to the point where it’s like cellulite, and people are like, ‘That’s awesome.’”

Fast Company

Lammily was, in part, inspired The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green. To pay homage to the book and movie, we made a how-to video so that Lammily can now have her own oxygen tank!

To make the oxygen tank you’ll need

#01 Craft Sticks

#02 A BBQ skewer

#03 A hotel shampoo bottle

#04 Beads

#05 Buttons

#06 Clear beading cord or fishing line

#07 Clear rubber hair ties

#08 Paint, nail polish and permanent marker

#09 Hot glue

#10 And your Lammily doll!

#11 Make the cart by cutting the round end off of a large craft stick

#12 Snip another small section

#13 Glue these together at a 90 degree angle

#14 Glue two skinny sticks into the angle

#15 Cut a small piece of the BBQ skewer

#16 Glue to the top of the skinny sticks to make a handle

#17 Cut another piece of skewer

#18 Glue it to he bottom of the cart for an axle

#19 Paint the cart

#20 Once paint has dried, slide a bead onto the axle

#21 Apple hot glue to the end of the axle and slide the bead into it

#22 While the glue is still hot, carefully press a button onto the end for a wheel

#23 And repeat on the other side

#24 If you’d like your cart to be able to stand on its own, glue buttons to the bottom for a kick stand

#25 To make the tank, start by emptying and removing the label from a hotel or sample sized shampoo bottle. Any

hollow cylinder of this size will work, and cut the top of it off

#26 Find a bead that fits and glue it halfway into the cyinder

#27 Glue a longer, skinnier bead on top of that

#28 Paint the beads – I use silver nail polish because it sticks to most surfaces, but craft paint works too.

#29 Next, for the meter, paint the very edges of a white button silver

#30 Use a permanent marker to make marks on the button’s face

#31 Use the marker to color the end of the BBQ skewer

#32 Snip it off

#33 And glue it to your meter

#34 Glue this to the top part of the tank

#35 Glue the bottom of the tank to the cart

#36 Secure it in place with clear hair ties

#37 To make the air line, cut a long piece of clear beading cord and fold over about 6 inches to make a loop

#38 Feed a piece of thread or thin wire through the loop

#39 Feed the ends of the thread through two clear seed beads

#40 Use the thread to pull the cord loop through the beads like shown.

#41 Pull about half of Lammily’s hair up and out of your way

#42 Put a hair tie onto the loop of cord as shown

#43 Loop around Lammily’s head, making sure the loop is under her nose and the beads are under her chin

#44 Adjust the beads so that they are relatively tight against her chin

#45 Let her hair down so that it looks like the line is wrapped around her ears

#46 Measure out the length of line you want and snip it

#47 Put glue into the top bead on your tank and stick the end of the line into it

#48 Now Lammily is ready to take on the world!

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