How to Make an “Up” Inspired Airship for Your Lammily Doll

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person. But by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” – Sam Keen

To make your own “Up” inspired airship for your Lammily doll, check out the instructions below…


To make a miniature version of the house from the movie “Up”, you’ll need

#01 Recycled cereal or cracker boxes

#02 Construction paper

#03 Paint

#04 A piece of string or yarn

#05 A roll of fishing line

#06 Glue

#07 And Lammily!

#08 First, select a box that is slightly taller that your doll

#09 Take the box apart at the bottom and along the side seam. Lay it flat

#10 The side of the box will be the side of your house, so leave it for now. Lay your doll across the next section of the box and sketch a line for the width of the house just slightly wider than the doll. This section will be the back of your house.

#11 Measure the width of the first section – the side – and sketch a line so that you have another side that is exactly as wide as the first.

#12 Measure how wide you made the back section and sketch a line so that you have a front section exactly as wide as the back. Now you have a side, a back, a second side, and a front.

#13 Sketch a horizontal line at the doll’s shoulders on the sides and back sections.

#14 sketch a line at her hips on the front section

#15 Draw a tab on the side of the front section

#16 You’ll cut along these lines….

#17 …so your box now looks like this.

#18 Flip your box and cut along the side/back lines until you reach the shoulder line

#19 Bend on all of the lines you’ve drawn

#20 Start at the shoulder line and draw a point on the back section. This will be the peak for the roof.

#21 Cut on those lines

#22 Line the side pieces up with the peak and trim any extra so that your roof comes together neatly

#23 Before we glue anything, we’ll decorate the inside of the house. Start by painting the ceilings off-white.

#24 Paint the walls yellow

#25 Once dry, use a balled up paper towel to add off-white highlights.

#26 Cut strips of white paper for trim

#27 Cut white and black construction paper…

#28 to make a fireplace

#29 Cut a rectangle from leftover box…

#30 …paint it…

#31 …to create the painting from the movie which gets placed above the mantel

#32 Start gluing walls together by applying a small amount of hot glue to the tab you drew and gluing it to the outside of the first side section

# 33 Glue the bottom sections together , you may need to snip a corner

#34 Holding the two side sections of the roof together, poke a hole all the way through, very near the top and right in the middle

#35 Glue the two roof sides together.

#36 Then glue them to the back section, forming the peak as you go.

#37 Feed your string through both holes. Leave some extra length and tie in a tight knot.

#38 To make the chimney, cut a piece of paperboard 4 ½” by 2”, marking lines at 1”, 2”, 3” and 4”

#39 Bend on all lines

#40 Hold one of the sections up to the peak of the roof and trace the angle

#41 Cut it out and repeat with the opposite section

#42 Glue the ½” tab to create your shape

#43 paint bricks

#44 Feed string up through the chimney and glue in place

#45 Trace the bottom of your house on construction paper and cut it out.

#46 Glue to bottom

#47 Poke two holes in the bottom of your house – we’ll use them later

#48 Cut a variety of widths and lengths of colored construction paper to make siding and fancy trip for the outside of your house.

#49 Apply glue…

#50 and add details to the front…

#51 …sides…

#52 …(we see the other sides)…

#53 …and back of your house, trimming off extra once the glue has dried

#54 Add trim

#55 Cut brown paper in scalloped and straight strips

#56 Glue them to the roof alternating a few rows of straight, then a few rows of scalloped

#57 At the peak, fold a wide piece in half and glue in place. Do this in front of and behind the chimney. Trim extra once glue is dry.

#58 Thread the end of your fishing line through the two holes in the bottom of your house and tie in a tight knot. Leave the rest of the line on the roll.

#59 Now your doll is ready to fly!

#60 Outside, put a weight of some kind on your fishing line. Unravel a good amount of the line so that when Lammily takes flight, she goes up high, but doesn’t fly away.

#61 (2 videos show the same step) Take your balloon ribbons and tie them to the loop of string that sticks out of your chimney. Now she’s ready to fly!

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