Why Lammily Marks Were Made

A mole. A bruise. A scar. A patch of cellulite. A flare-up of acne perhaps.

These are the nuances that mark us throughout our lives. Some will come and go on their own, some will require care, while others will prove permanent. In any case, they are inherent to us and at a certain point we just have to accept them!

Lammily Marks is a line of stickers that allows a new sense of individuality, expression, and identity. These removable and reusable stickers enable children to customize their doll.

Children love playing doctor: tending to wounds, putting on a bandage, and ensuring that their patient recovers quickly with some care and compassion.

They enjoy the opportunity to interact with their doll and to express themselves with a temporary tattoo.

Now, children have an empathetic companion alongside of them.

Ultimately, Lammily seeks to be true to you, and that’s why it’s so critical to embrace all of the elements that make us who we are.

Some injuries and surgeries leave children with a scar that will be visible for the entirety of their lives. It’s a source of self-consciousness and discomfort, something they feel has to be hidden away or concealed. Yet, there should be no pressure to hide! We are all different and wonderfully unique, and difference is something to be embraced wholeheartedly rather than shunned.

Lammily wants to ensure that all our differences can be embraced and finally made visible.

Our society hasn’t allowed for the representation and depiction of deemed “imperfections” because we’re all so fixated upon ideals of beauty and flawlessness.

Why do we Photoshop away freckles, hairs, moles, and cellulite?

Is it to convince ourselves that we can escape or transcend the inevitable?

In spite of our attempts to create perfection, these aspects exist and confront us in the reflection we face in the mirror.

The reality is that all of these concealed features are beautiful. Of course, this requires us to approach beauty from a different angle. Beauty doesn’t have to be pleasing to the eyes, or a shining beacon of light.

Beauty is simply reality.

It is the fiber of humanity.

The little striking details that make each of us complete.

By Emily Lamm

46 thoughts on “Why Lammily Marks Were Made

  1. Doris says:

    I really love the concept of this doll, and I agree with the comments above of the need of variety of etnics. I am mexican and I know for sure that many latinos would like also a Lammily doll that look like a mexican, colombian, brazilian… you name it, actually I hope that you can produce a doll like this before my little cousins (two girls) reach the age of stop playing with dolls, because I want that for them to feel beautiful with who they are and from where they come. Thank you for your great work on making children and parents happy

  2. Manon says:

    I just found out about this doll and would have liked to help with the kickstarter, all the more so that I see these marks and find this is amazing!
    Plus, Lammily herself looks so much like me physically speaking – well, her thighs don’t touch each other like mine, but it’s a doll, she cannot move her legs like humans do -, except that I’m blonde with blue eyes like… well, Barbie. If it were possible to have her blonde, I would immediately buy her just to keep it with me, and remind me that even a body that does not resemble the one of Barbie can be beautiful.
    Keep going Lammily, because it’s the only doll I would buy to my daughter without fearing to make her feel bad years after because she thought she would be taller and slimmer!

  3. monica78 says:

    I have too say I ordered my doll on 11/20/2014 and I just received my Doll today 12/19/2014 ……. First I give so much thanks to Lammily for responding to my emails that I sent regarding questions about shipping……. Second when I didn’t even ask questions they sent updates all the time when something changed……. Now about the Doll……. OMG I LOVE IT its so natural and a real doll that any child can relate to….. I give you Lammily so much praise on what you’re doing and what else u are about to accomplish Im so glad that finally someone has come out with a REAL like doll with REAL features……. I will order another doll as well as I need to order the marks that are sold separately …….. I also cannot wait till u come out with a African American Doll I will purchase as well ……. P.S. please make a Male version as well as Children and even newborns =) I will buy them all and so will my family who already ordered (mints=)) thanks lammily looking forward for what else u have to bring

  4. Ronalee says:

    There are so many positive comments here. I purchased mine on November 23rd, not realizing that the shipping of these was so fresh. That’s pretty exciting andI look forward to seeing her arrive any day now. Great job !

  5. Matthew Schlosser says:

    Dear Lammily

    I’m a 30 something Caucasian unmarried singe guy.. Not exactly the market for your product… But your Kick Starter campaign had real warmth and compassion to it… And I too being a heavy child growing up.. Never had toys that looked like me… of if there was a heavy kid he was the Comedy guy… Or the kid getting a rock dropped on his head for not going along with the group (Lord of the flies) I was the spitting image of that kid. I digress, seeing a positive toy marked to children is a great sign of the times.. I hope nothing buy success for your company.
    I have just received my dolls in the mail today and they look amazing.. The hair the feel of the skin is all above what you would find anywhere; my little nieces are going to love them. I have the sticker set and clothing ordered soon. A note on the packaging, the twist ties that hold the ankles of the doll in the box to leave a crease in the plastic… I’m not sure… if this can be addressed to prevent damage of if mine was just a fluke just a heads up. I’m cool with it… No one is perfect we all have flaws and we are all beautiful. Thank you again


    Ps I would love to see if you guys could make an over weight boy doll with glasses but is still attractive… a guy could dream…

  6. Viktor says:

    hello! – I am seeing many messages from people who have received their dolls already & I have read your reply that all dolls have shipped. However, I have not yet received my doll, nor is any ship date available on my Lammily account page, nor have I received any messages regarding shipment – the information on my account still reads “processing” – please advise – thank you!

  7. Arlette says:

    Hi Nickolay!
    I just want to say that what you are doing is really great. I’m ashamed I only discovered your project and your beautiful creation today.
    If you ever feel like making dolls from different ethnicities or countries, as realistic and beautiful as Lammily, you will make lots of dolls lovers regardless there age happy. I’m sure of that.
    Anyway thanks for helping young ones and not so young ones handling the body image issue in a healthy manner.

  8. mike.tierney says:

    Hi, I purchased the Lammily doll for my daughter on 11/20 and received a purchase confirmation email with an order number. I haven’t received anything regarding a shipping date. Do you know how it will be shipped (UPS/USPS) and when I can expect to receive it?

  9. Nancy says:

    I have faith that you will diversify your line of dolls, I like Ewa’s ideas of different heights and weights that are healthy. Not sure about overweight/underweight. But as a short woman, I have definitely been affected by the constant media approval of the tall, super thin models and celebrities. Fashions are made for taller women, no shorter. It would be great to have dolls of different races and hair, eye color, and hair that is wavy, curly, kinky–celebrating all the DNA out there.

  10. Michele says:

    I really like the idea of the stickers. However as a doll repair professional I have found that doll’s long term exposure to adhesives will cause the plasticizers in the rubber to leach and cause a sticky mess. FYI

  11. Lammily says:

    Hi Ewa, I checked and noticed that your order was international. For international we don’t have tracking numbers. Your dolls were shipped on the 19th so you should be receiving them any day now.

    Best regards,


  12. Natalie says:

    Y’all were on CNN news on Saturday! Bravo, I love the idea! This will definitely be on my Christmas list.

  13. doglamagla says:

    Thank you for reply. I checked every possible section, including spams, my last email from Lammily is from November 19th, so I was worried. Is there any chance for resending confirmation email?

  14. Lammily says:

    Hi Ewa, All dolls have been shipped. I notice that some didn’t get confirmation emails. Can you please try checking the “updates” section of your mail?

  15. Ewa says:

    I want to congratulate you for making this great doll! I really like Lammily, and hope there will be more to come – guys and girls, taller and shorter, super fat, chubby, normal and thin, in different age, like for example 40+ years old guy with belly, different ethincities, especially White and East Asian dolls. But guys are the most important, haha. I know it’s probably impossible, but I can dream, right? ;P

    When will be Lammily shipped? I though it was scheduled on November 28th, but didn’t get any email regarding it so I think it was rescheduled.

  16. Freya says:

    I’m so excited about getting my Lammily doll soon.

    I think something to take note of, for those who have concerns about there currently only being a caucasian doll available, is that in the video of the 2nd graders reaction to the doll, the two African American girls still very strongly identified with Lammily, regardless of her skin colour. Young innocence, seeing the world the way it should be.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think its fantastic that this company will be releasing dolls of different nationalities soon, but I think its important to make sure, as adults, we don’t put our concerns onto the children.

  17. Mariana says:

    I wanted to buy the asc only after my Lammily arrived, but since they will be shipped at January I’m worried she will get here too late and I wont be able to buy it, so could you please tell us if you will continue to seel after january 18th or if its like a exclusive item only for those who buy until then or what…?

  18. Steph Williams says:

    It’s great that your firm is finally producing a realistic doll. I do have one suggestion. Is this doll supposed to represent an teenaged girl that has gone through puberty? Since she has breasts, I assume this to be the case. Would it be controversial to suggest that you produce stickers for pubic and underarm hair, which is natural for a young woman?
    The purpose of this doll is to give girls a natural self identity. In our culture, corporate forces have conspired to bamboozle young women into thinking that body hair is “bad”, “unhygienic” or “undesirable”. This has been impressed into girls and young women by forces that seek to enhance their profit margins such as the multi million dollar hair removal business. Female body hair is natural and nothing about it is abnormal . I’m not trying to be sarcastic, lewd, or anything of the sort. I would just like to point out the normalcy of female body hair and by omitting it, it causes girls to think that it’s not normal. Thanks you for hearing me out on this.

  19. Monique says:

    I love this doll! My mother refused to buy us Barbie while growing up because of ger impossible body image. My sister and I grew up believing that skinny is beautiful. While growing up we did have image issues, wearing lighter make up than our skin tone, hiding our bodies in bigger clothes, and thinking we were not “pretty enough” to date. How we viewed beauty was what we saw in the toy store. We dont suffer from image problems now but some of our childhood issues did carry over into adulthood. Looking back I do believe if this doll would was around when I was younger, it would have helped us to see the beauty in ourselves.

    I fully intend to buy the African American version of this doll when she comes out. I have friends with interacial children and I fully intend to buy their daughters these dolls (and one for myself

  20. virtual office jakarta says:

    The doll is a great idea, but I’m really shocked that she only comes as a Caucasian. Given the demographics of the US, or almost any western country now, why would you only make a white doll? I felt badly for the African American girls who were in the video, not having a ‘real’ black or brown doll, with ‘real’ AA hair, etc.

  21. Abby B says:

    This is so awesome! I’m almost 17, and I wish there would have been a doll like this around when I was little. When I was little, everyone wanted to be Barbie. I wanted to be Barbie. But the older I got, I realized I couldn’t be and I didn’t want to be. I look at Lammily and it looks like me. Normal body, brown hair and eyes, your typical girl. Lammily is happy in her skin. I’d rather be Lammily over Barbie any day. I’m glad someone came up with this amazing idea! I’m actually considering buying one. You’re never too old to play with dolls. =)

  22. Ashia says:

    Now for an 18″ version so i can pour money into Lammily and out of American Girl? My daughter uses her AG doll almost exclusively with the ‘feel better kit’ which includes crutches, casts etc. Love that the Lammily will keep her busy playing nurse. Wondering where she will place to cellulite since she obviously has never seen that before (yeah right!).

  23. csouther says:

    I just bought 3 Lammily dolls for my 3 granddaughters. I wish my daughters and I had had Lammily when we were young. I anxiously await more outfits; and, I am now looking for a trunk in which to carry Lammily and her outfits. Thank you for bringing Lammily to the world and for showing what real girls look like.

  24. Nancy Miller says:

    The doll is a great idea, but I’m really shocked that she only comes as a Caucasian. Given the demographics of the US, or almost any western country now, why would you only make a white doll? I felt badly for the African American girls who were in the video, not having a ‘real’ black or brown doll, with ‘real’ AA hair, etc.

  25. Kelly says:

    I love your idea! One of those perfect “why hasn’t someone done this before” ideas! Way to go! I ordered this doll (plus a couple of stylish outfits of course and the patches) for both my youngest daughter and little niece for Christmas. This coming from a mom that refused to buy my oldest a Barbie because I told her it was junk-food for her brain. Optional skin colors and professional work clothes will be terrific! Scientist first please!!!

  26. Anna CRuz says:

    I tried to buy a Lammilly doll last 20th November. I was informed that an error ocurred (“the adress does not match” or similar), but my credit card was charged for LAMIILY LLC. WHat should I do?

  27. Hanni says:

    I love the Lammily Doll very much! When the time comes that my little girl wants a “Barbie” I definitely by her a Lammily. I`m very proud of you and your team for creating such a wonderful doll and for taking the unusual step of giving her marks. Thank you so much! Greetings from Germany

  28. Viki B says:

    I love this idea. The doll is wonderful and being able to add boo boo’s and tattoo’s is great. I do hope she is able to get friends and a family some day. I’d love to get one for my niece.

  29. Paula says:

    I like the idea of Lammily Marks. I wouldn’t really have thought of creating a doll that has these “flaws” but it makes total sense. It would be great if there were prototypes of more diverse dolls, like African, Asian, or Native American doll,s etc., dolls with mixed ethnicities even, disabled dolls, chubby dolls (make them really pretty, to fight bad body image), muscular (gymnast/soldier) dolls, and of course a variety of boy dolls. People could fund the mass production of these dolls via preorder. I have to agree that the more diverse dolls should not be introduced as friends or with different names. That just puts the first doll, which was white and skinny as the norm. I know your company wants to make the world a better place for children. Also, I think it would be great to come out with a clothing line of occupational uniforms such as astraunaut, adventuress, scientist, surgeon, etc.

  30. pabboo redfeather says:

    Hi Nickolay I love the whole concept of your doll. A lot of collectors on the doll boards done,t like her name but I get it. I plan on ordering her in a few weeks I’m so happy you made this happen. It was my dream to come out with my own doll but the Pocahontas doll put a end to my doll. Because my doll would have been a Native American fashion doll with friends! Anyway Lammily will have a following I suggest you create a Lammlily fan club.
    Call it United friends of Lammily fan club. One of my friends already has her doll so I will excited to get mine soon
    Lamlite Pabboo

  31. Emily Lamm says:

    Joanna, at this time there is only one type of doll, but in the future the line will be extended to embrace additional races and ethnicities!

    Em T, I’m glad you appreciate the magnitude and importance of both diversity and intersectionality. It’s time to recognize how multifaceted our identities are and how our many layers manifest in society. Further, I certainly agree that future dolls should be presented as empowered and independent individuals.

  32. Christy Duncan says:

    I first saw the Lammily doll online via Facebook. I watched th reaction posted of the children in second grade when they were introduced to the Lammily Doll. I must say, as a preschool owner in Muskogee, Oklahoma I found their responses to be innocent, truthful and untainted. They were honest, direct on how they saw the doll and their facial expressions showed genuine interest and excitement. I think it is wonderful to show children that not all dolls are high “fashion” and need makeup to be beautiful. This truly depicts how a child should be playing… Innocently while building on the dreams of a child. One day Lammily might be a doctor, or a secretary — but no matter what she is, she stays true to herself and never changes herself. I think that is an amazing perception for children to see and use in dramatic play. Congratulations on a fantastic product.

  33. Joanna says:

    Do you not have different skin color. I usually donate to our Christmas fund raiser and I know there is a shortage of black dolls and thought it would be nice to get for that occasion.

  34. Em T says:

    I really like what you’re doing with this, and am sorry I discovered it too late to chuck some pennies at the kickstarter. I definitely intend to keep this brand in mind when considering gifts for friends kids.
    I’m heartened to hear you plan to embrace diversity, as we all need to be doing diversity and intersectionality better, and making our fictional environments more closely resemble our literal ones. However, I’d encourage you not to give new dolls the narrative of being ‘friends’ of the original doll, as that once again places the white, able-bodied doll front and centre, with the more diverse dolls placed almost as a supporting cast. Instead I’d like to see any future dolls be promoted autonomously. Maybe they should all be called Lammily and folk can choose a ‘Lammily’ from the range? I’m not sure how it would work, but maybe something for the team to ponder during development?

  35. Cluny south says:

    What’s not to love and applaud about this venture. Wish it had been around 5 years for my daughter. Go go go! I wish you amazing success

  36. Don juan says:

    I know this little girl who suffered a severe injury to her left leg now she is marked for life as she grows old it will be more hard to accept the mark on her leg but reality is there always will be so …. yeah this idea really opens the minds to accept just who we truly are thank you for that idea … the scars marks and moles.

  37. Karen W says:

    While my 22 year old daughter was on her computer tonight, I noticed that there was a picture of a naked girl on it. Then she informed me that it wasn’t a girl, but a doll. At that point I started to inquire about the doll, and thought how nice, a doll that looks like the rest of us. I think that you have a wonderful product, I wish that they had dolls like this when I grew up. Actually, I didn’t play with dolls, because they didn’t look like me in the slightest. Much success to your product, God bless your company!

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