Lammily World of Fashion 2015

Who is the designer behind the new Lammily fashions? Meet Pamela Thompson!

Pamela Thompson has worked for some of the most notable and avant-garde fashion design houses in the US. During her 20 year career, Pamela was Head Designer at Betsey Johnson and Heatherette, and continues her 16 year collaboration with Anna Sui, working on various graphic tee shirt designs for her Collection. Pamelaโ€™s most recent collaboration was with Samsung for their newest Galaxy Tablet Pro. Her design is currently running in a 30 second spot on the Samsung billboard in Times Square in New York City.

Over the years, Pamela has dressed many notable celebrities including Kirsten Dunst, Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne, Ashanti, Fergie, Jamie Lynn Siegler, Zoe Seldano, Lydia Hearst and Molly Sims.

Ms. Thompson’s designs have sold to major department stores including Henri Bendel, Bloomingdales and Nordstroms, as well as specialty stores throughout the US, Europe and Japan. Her designs have been featured in over 10 Womenโ€™s Wear Daily issues (2 covers), The New York Times, Italian Vogue, Elle, W, Nylon, Cosmopolitan, Paper Magazine, In Style, Teen Vogue, Lucky, Allure and Pamelaโ€™s designs have also been presented in over 10 separate fashion shows, during NYโ€™s fashion week.

The Lammily World of Fashion outfits are sharp and fun, while sensible. Inspired by exciting places, they are an invitation to explore the world beyond the imaginable!

You can preorder the fashions below at

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55 thoughts on “Lammily World of Fashion 2015

  1. Rebecca Pearce says:

    I ordered two outfits for my granddaughter in Turkey. There was a delay in the shipping, but I finally got a notice that they shipped on 2/20. It’s been 3 weeks and they have not arrived. Can someone tell me about how long international shipments are taking? (Fortunately I had pre-ordered the doll and brought it with me there at Christmas, so she has something to open for her upcoming birthday. Sure hope the outfits arrive in time.)

  2. Elaine Gullotta says:

    I want to buy dolls that not only look like but will inspire my two nieces (Bridget age 10 and Margret age 8) to dream about their future in a positive and powerful way. If you could make clothing and accessories that depicts different types of jobs please consider things like Dr, researcher, entrepreneur, translator, business owner, counselor (we need more of those in the world), and please include a working military uniform. Those of us in the military would love to buy them for our kids and family members kids!(The Army Barbie was a huge hit!) Also please consider adding accessories such as a violin, soccer ball, school books(with changeable stickers for the jacket covers-you could even partner with book sellers to get a free doll book stickers with the purchase of the child’s book! How cool would that be!!), eye glasses, laptop (with a selection of stickers that change the screen-another partnering opportunity with kid focused websites, PBS kids etc). Please also consider things that will inspire girls to do great things in the world such as shopping bags or back packs with “Eat local Produce” types of messages on them, doll size TOMS shoes that you get free if you buy a pair for the child or an adult (again-partnership opportunity), jewelry, hats, and accessories with religious symbols (Christian items could partner you with The TBS network or EWTN ) A Budda charm for a bracelet or a yoga mat accessory could open partnership with all sorts of companies involved in the current eastern awareness movement. I would bet that Pandora bracelets would love to give away free doll charms with the purchase of a regular charm) โ€ฆ.oh, the ideas are endless…I know you’re working on diversity in 2015, please don’t forget an asian looking doll. If, by chance, you need a model, I have two nieces that are beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck.

  3. Hannah Brockmann says:

    I like the doll a lot & may buy one in February to display on my antique dolls shelf because I love the idea of this realistic doll. But still her clothes were really cool, but my not my personal style. can you make some modest low cut tops and boot cut jeans for her to wear pretty please?? Also I would love to see her get dolls friends black other whites Asian etc. I’m sure you’re working very hard on her even now. It seems boring for there only to be one doll though. Sorry I know she’s brand new & just in the works. Love the realistic doll tho. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Tessa says:

    I ordered three Lammily dolls for three beautiful girls in my life and they all loved them!! Only concern was how easily the feet came off. In the two hours we were with them, we had to put the feet back on at least a dozen times for each girl! It seems like the end attaching the feet needs to be bigger to prevent it from coming out so easily.

    I love the look of the clothing available, but would love to see items like workout gear (i.e. yoga clothes with a mat and water bottle, sports bra with running pants and head phones, swimwear with goggles, martial arts gear, etc), career wear (i.e. doctor, nurse, police officer, EMT, fire fighter, army gear, business suit with both pants and a knee length skirt, etc), and even evening wear.

    Can’t wait to see what is to come!! Thank you Lammily!

  5. Sophia says:

    My 8 year old was so excited when I showed her the video that shows the doll photoshopped, and then the photoshopping erased. She was even more excited to open her this morning and has been carrying her around all day. Her comments were how real and normal the doll is, like a real human. ๐Ÿ™‚
    She’d love for her doll to have a bathing suit–not a bikini, but a real swimmer type of bathing suit with goggles–daughter wants to be a swim coach already–she’s like a fish! Other ideas would be a martial arts outfit, and the other activity my daughter enjoys is ballet. I’m not asking for a frou frou ballerina outfit, but something that is more like everyday ballet workout gear. But please for the one piece swimsuit with goggles and a terry robe. That would be her dream!
    Keep up the great work! And thank you so much for creating this doll. I can’t wait to see what else is coming!

  6. oluenka says:

    I am very sorry, I admire this project, Iยดve been watching it since the beginning and I send my best regards… However, I do not have a good impression from the doll, unfortunately. The body, the hair, the clothes, the stickers – everything is amazing! But the lips Lammily has make a slightly strange facial expression, what do you people think? I canยดt help it, but my first thought when I saw her was: “an aaawkward smile”. Like she was smiling just for herself while thinking about something. In other words, her face doesnยดt look very “communicative” to me. If I could, I would rather change the lips just a little bit, so that the doll would look more open for communication. Thank you for having the opportunity to share my opinion. I am looking forward to seeing other dolls! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Carolyn says:

    Judy Dubois, when did you order the doll? I ordered it on Nov. 22 and have still not received it! Got an email from Lammily that it was shipped Dec. 3rd but the USPS has no record of the shipping number that Lammily gave me. I’m getting very aggravated that the doll hasn’t arrived and Christmas is getting very close!

  8. laura says:

    Hi there I love my Lammily please make army clothes for her so she can be just like my mummy in the army.
    I dont like girly clothes and dolls,
    so please can you make army clothes for her?
    I dont want guns I just want mummys hat and clothes.

  9. Judy DuBois says:

    I received my doll late week. In general I like her size. I was disappointed that the seams were not smooth on her legs though. I would like to see socks on her and better quality sneaker. I love that she has a great shape like the American Girl dolls have. I hope the quality clothing will be like there’s when I get a chance to by some.
    Thanks again for bringing Lammily to us

  10. Holly says:

    I just received my two Lammily dolls, and I’m really happy they arrived in time for Christmas. Of course my next step was to look at the clothing options that will soon be available, and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed. They are a bit stuffy and not very colorful. I am glad you are staying away from a sexy and glamorous aesthetic, but I agree with another comment that the clothes could be more playful. If you want to ween people away from Barbie you really need to provide some hipper clothes. Also, what about some professional outfits – Scientist Lammily, Doctor Lammily, Computer Programmer Lammily (not sure what that would look like). In any case, keep going! I’m really happy Lammily exists, and I would really like to see the Lammily options expand (i.e. not just clothing options, but what about a couple Lammilys of color for the next round).

  11. Belinda says:

    Hi – Loved receiving 4 Lammilys for gifts to my nieces and their cousin (kept one for me hehehe)
    I would love to buy the clothes too, but the Australian Dollar sinks at the moment. I’d reconsider if there was bundling options, or if after a certain amount P&H becomes free. Just have to improvise and self-make for now tho ๐Ÿ™

  12. Viktor says:

    I am wishing Lammily a huge initial success so that you can expand & diversify your line to include a wide variety of ethnically authentic dolls. From your fine presentations, it is apparent that such is one of your goals . I am aware that, in the past few years, other doll companies have attempted to market dolls of this nature (realistic & accurate) but despite earnest efforts, were not able to maintain solvency in order to continue. I am an adult doll collector who values a wide array of faces & figures & races & colors. Voluptuous, curvaceous, female dolls are rare to come by, but occasionally, they turn do turn up! Also, I collect male dolls, and always enjoy adding unique faces & body types to my collection. I am glad to know that you intend to produce male dolls as well. I have ordered only one Lammily at this time, but intend to purchase more when my budget allows. Thank you for your sincere efforts & best wishes for continued success!

  13. Lammily says:

    Hi Anita, we’ll be working on expanding clothes so that it’s real as well! ๐Ÿ™‚ We understand that right now it is very “fashiony”

  14. Anita says:

    I was thrilled to open my new doll today. So I rushed to the Lammily site to order another and some clothes. I was surprised and disappointed. I wanted to buy the workout outfit with the red sports top. The doll is realistic so why are all the clothes high fashion duds. Where is her lab coat, trekking shoes, construction hat, courtroom suit, biolab goggles, postal delivery shirt, firefighter jacket, police shirt and faith leader robe? Please don’t let her turn out to be another Barbie. Well even Barbie has a line of career Barbies. I am an initial investor thinking she was going to be an alternative to the shallow, unrealistic world of Barbie. The “Marks” are a welcome breath of reality and very welcome. I’d like to see that realism matched in her wardrobe.

  15. Elana says:

    I’m so excited to see a doll that depicts realistic proportions, a healthy lifestyle, and clothing that is both stylish and practical. Please for the love of everything wonderful about this doll, don’t turn her into a princess. The everyday girl is not a princess or a fairy. I like some of Nicole’s ideas from November 25. I would totally buy a suffragette Lammily for the young girls in my life!
    But really, I love this. I love that she basically wears what 19 year old girls wear. I love that she’s depicted as adventurous, smarty, fun, confident, athletic, and interesting. Lammily isn’t cool because she has 15 cocktail or evening gowns in every color. She’s cool because it appears that her immediate interests are beyond cocktail parties and fancy balls. This is depicted in her clothing, her style etc. Thanks for designing such a cool doll!

  16. Lammily says:

    Hi Katie, Fashions will continue to be updated so that they are the best that they can be. Your input is very much appreciated!

  17. jonelynweed says:

    I received my Lammily doll today. She’s great. I was hoping she came with some underwear, though. I’m going on a trip to New York,Paris and Florida for the holidays and taking her and her passport with me and her one outfit (shorts-BRRR) to document her journey in photos before she arrives for my granddaughter’s January 6th birthday. Gonna say its a shopping spree so when the clothes arrive, she’ll be complete. That said, do you have any underwear options available? I saw something on your St Edmunds post.

  18. Catherine says:

    I agree with Liz that patterns to make clothes for Lammily would be a good idea. I bought Lammily for my 4 year old granddaughter for Christmas, and love to sew, so would like to make some outfits for her new doll.

  19. Katie says:

    I have just purchased a Lammily and the marks and I am really looking forward to receiving them.
    I never like barbie and I am too old to play the dolls… but i really like the idea of creating Lammily and the idea that she can have freckles, scars….etc on her body. I would love to stick some freckles on Lammily’s face and place her on my desk.

    I’m sorry to say that I don’t really like the fashion collection, Barcelona Night Out and Celebrating Denmark confused me… How old is Lammily actually? I think those outfits are too mature for her.
    If you see someone wearing something like Celebrating Denmark in reality in Tivoli Gardens, I bet she must be the grandmother of a small kid. Therefore, I am going to measure Lammily and make some new clothes for her once I receive the parcel.

  20. Lammily says:

    Hi Nicole, The dolls are ready for shipping now. The outfits and the stickers will ship in January Best regards, Nickolay

  21. Rebecca Pearce says:

    Hi. I contacted Lammily, via the help email address, 5 days ago, but I haven’t received a reply. Here is what I wrote:

    I pre-ordered two Lammily outfits for my granddaughter, but I’d like to change one of them. Can you change the order and make the adjustment with PayPal? If not, can you please tell me what I need to do?

    My order number is 5313.

    I want to keep the Barcelona Night Out ensemble and replace the Scotland Adventure outfit with the New York New York outfit. It’s only $2 more.

  22. Nicole says:

    Hello! Will you be doing any fantasy/historical/costume pieces? When I was a kid I liked my Barbies to inhabit worlds such as Little House on the Prairie, Narnia, Avonlea, colonial Boston, puritan Salem, Oz, etc.

    Have you considered hooking up with these guys?

    They make 3-D printer files of medieval-fantasy armor for Barbie, maybe they could make one for Lammily!

    Or sorceresses… I’m thinking Morgan la Fay or something.

    Or cool queens like Boudiccea or someone. A powerful twist on the princess thing, which little girls like a lot. Many of us have daughters who are into princesses and are seeking ways to put a positive spin on that. A Celtic queen outfit with a crown, a torq, and a spear and shield, or a Valkerie/Norse shieldmaiden type outfit, or a medieval healer/writer/townsperson for a more peaceful character type. A medieval/rennaissance noblewoman with a little illumination/caligraphy book set, perhaps.

    Then you could have abolitionist Lammily, suffragette Lammily, pioneer Lammily, French literary salon Lammily… with different dresses from different historical eras.

    I suggest it because my observation about little girls is they really like the fantasy thing, and it’d be nice to give them an option beyond Disney.

  23. Nicole says:

    I ordered two dolls and several outfits this week and I am curious when they will ship. Based on the web sight I had assumed they were available and will ship soon, however, based on articles I’ve recently read (that have been dated this week) the clothing wont be available until January 2015?

    Could you please verify what, if anything, I will receive by Christmas for my daughters.

    The doll and clothes are beautiful. My daughters are beyond excited about her and I can’t tell you, how much as a mother, I appreciate your values and hard work. You and your family did a wonderful job!!!

  24. Alison Wentworth says:

    Great doll, great approach. What if her fashions and accessories were organized around real life adventures and activities instead of countries? Examples being hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, rafting, gardening, cooking, babysitting, bird watching, recycling, volunteering, etc. You could provide just enough of a story to become a “point of departure” for the imagination (and justify a few accessories). Please make it easy to supplement her world with recycled real world items. Is she going to have some friends of different complexions, (not so much national origins) to share the fun? Would it be too shocking to parents if one of her stickers was a tattoo?

  25. pat8734 says:

    She does look very pretty and I like how her hands and feet are poseable. Simple outfits should not be too difficult to make. Similar doll clothes size patterns can be adjusted. I have collected all kinds of dolls for over 25 years so had to have the Lamminy doll. She is so much more realistic looking than the other fashion dolls and am sure I’ll enjoy sewing clothes for her.

  26. mariana_praxedes26 says:

    I wonder if it cant be cheaper if you buy things together, because if I buy all the fashion kits + marks I will have to pay “Table Rate: $51.00” of ship and it will end up as $203.00 of order total, but the dollar is pretty high right now so as a brazilian, that will end as a pretty expensive toy accessories – and if there are more tax from my country (since my country keep putting taxing in everything) – i can even have to pay the double to finally get those things in hand T.T

  27. Connie says:

    I also would love to see a more diverse skin tones and hair textures as an option in the future if possible.

  28. robinseggbleu says:

    I LOVE the clothing, was so pleased to see little to no pink, the shade that dominates everywhere else. I know that you are just getting this off the ground, and will no doubt expand the color choice of shoes, etc. I am ecstatic about this venture. My granddaughters, 6 and 8, never had any interest in Barbies, but have seen this project from beginning to end, and were so excited to see the final doll, and knowing they are both receiving one for Christmas. They are dual citizen of US and Switzerland and travel a lot, and were thrilled to discover that the Lammily doll’s have a passport too!

  29. Carolyn says:

    I would like to reiterate some of the other comments…cute as the current options are, they don’t seem to reflect the message the look and proportion of the doll is trying to send. She needs back packs and gym bags, business suits and military uniforms, lab coats and safety glasses, hard hats and work boots, climbing shoes and sportswear, and most definitely waders and a fly rod!!
    Oh and please add other ethnicities and male dolls to the options available ASAP, these dolls are great!!

  30. Rebecca says:

    I just bought two of the outfits for my granddaughter! Really adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚ Her mother said, “Wow, I’d wear some of these! Super cute.” One suggestion I have, though–since some of the items are duplicated among the outfit bundles–is to offer some items individually priced. For example, once I have a pair of stiletto heels with an outfit bundle, I don’t need or want another pair (unless she loses them), but I may want to change shoes. Ditto with skinny blue jeans or black stretch pants. But I may want a particular shirt, dress, hat/gloves/scarf, etc.

  31. Steve says:

    She’s gorgeous! I love her!
    MariAnn’s right, a soldier would be great! Followed by a doctor, ranger, sheriff, EMT, even an astronaut!
    Keep up the good work, so sorry I missed the kickstarter.

    I think the marks could be a bit subtler, though. It looks like someone scrawled on their body with a magic marker. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. alliekiwi says:

    Have you thought about doing fashions for the opposite seasons? It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere. I’d love to give a doll each to my nieces, and it’s a little odd to be giving them winter clothing to play with (although, that being said, she comes in shorts!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Mariana says:

    My Lammily didnt arrive yet -and it will probably take more than for the other people because my country mall sucks-, but I already know I will buy all those other ascessories too! Sad things we are only allowed to use my sister card for computer mall, so I will have to wait she close this month bill, but anyway, I’m sure I will buy all this (althought I’m not really sure if I will use because this doll is already so precious to me that I dont even want to unpack c.c). In the last 2 years I got some health problems, and take medicine diary made me get fatter really fast and this made have big really visible stretch marks in my leg, and even my parents got shocked when they saw, my mom is a obstetric and deals with pregnant woman all the time but she got shocked when saw my stretch marks, and even using acid to soften the appearance I still cant go out showing my legs… You dont know how happy I was when saw those Lammily stickers, I NEED THEM!
    Also, I asked for a brazilian version and you made the “Exploring Rio” look, and it actually really matchs brazilian kind of clothe, so I’m really pleased and happy, and thankfull!

  34. Rebecca Pearce says:

    I can’t wait to receive the new Lammily doll for my granddaughter! The new fashions are really stunning, too. But I do have a request for more everyday clothes and also some shoes besides stilettos. The “average woman” doesn’t live life in heels. Also, I didn’t see the little exercise top for sale. Does that come with the original outfit?

  35. Jo says:

    Thank you so much for creating a doll that reflects real women today! I wish Lammily was around when I was a little girl, I’d have loved to have had a doll that you could imagine more than just fancy dress parties with. I do not have any daughters or nieces, but I do have an honorary ‘niece’, Rowen, and she’ll be getting one of these from Aunty Jo. I sent her Mum the link to your site and she was blown away. Rowen is a very imaginative, free spirited, 4 year old, and Lammily is just the kind of doll that both her Mum and I know will inspire all sorts of adventures in the future. Thank you so much again for creating this doll!

  36. Mareike says:

    Hi there!

    I have just seen this wonderful idea/project you have got going here. ๐Ÿ™‚
    As a teacher, postgrad researcher on gender aspects, honorary aunt and future mother…as well as a (more or less) sensible human being it is love at first sight – I just love Lammily and am going to order one immediately.

    But as nice as the first line of clothing looks, I am missing realistic things like a backpack or a gym bag, more than one pair of glasses, more alternatives to the mostly black half-high-heel shoes, a longer sweater, in general some more sporty yet still elegant attire.
    I am aware that it is still a fashion doll but you can do better than this, I am sure of that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Otherwise, keep going! I am thrilled to see what is coming next – maybe a variety in skin colour and also some male dolls?

    Best wishes, Mareike

  37. MariAnn Knowlton says:

    Have you thought about making the doll a soldier’s uniform? I am a veteran of the U.S. Army and both my sons’ girlfriends (a former soldier and a current National Guard Soldier) are soldiers. I think an enlisted soldier, maybe a sergeant (E-5) would be great. I don’t know if you have to go through the military for any approval. I think at this time in history more women are in the military than ever and it would be a great example to young girls that they can do anything!

  38. Carol says:

    Just discovered this adorable doll. Filled my cart with one doll, 5 outfits and the decals. Unfortunately, my $111.00 order had a $30.00 shipping charge. Way too much for an order that weighs very little, so I cancelled the order. Will wait for a better value. Maybe you could sell on Amazon a some point in the future.

  39. CATHY says:

    Thank you so much, the pressure on all of us is extreme to look the part of a Barbie doll, the new picture of Barbie would sell off the shelf if Mattel would wake up and change their dolls. I am 60 years old and I ordered a normal Barbie from you can’t wait to get it. Thanks again

  40. Lisa says:

    Very nice so far, but let us remember she is technically a “fashion doll.” Let’s see some glamorous evening gowns or cocktail dresses!

  41. Ashley Higgins says:

    We ordered our Lammily doll in the first run, and love the new clothes! I thought the glasses and moles were a cool level of customization, but was a bit put off by the acne and cellulite stickers- until I showed them to my four year old girl. She doesn’t think it’s icky or ugly at all, and was super intrigued by the idea of experimenting with what is reality for most people. Kids are going to view this differently than adults do. She had to have stitches not too long ago, and was excited about a doll that is just like her!
    I’m wondering if Lammily may eventually have some more “playful” clothing options too? As a mom, I think the outfits are stunning, but play is all about fantasy, and sometimes young girls may want to play princess or fairy dress-up as well as world traveler. The “glamour” of Barbie is what draws some very young girls, and having a doll that can do scars as well as tiaras would allow for a wonderfully broad spectrum of play!

  42. Liz says:

    Excited that the dolls will be arriving soon. My granddaughters will be super excited when each receives one. Hope there are plans for a pattern for clothes for those girls that are leaning to sew, interested in fashion and want to be creative and make their own. (The clothes on the site look great and will purchase some)

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