Lammily Doll

Boy Lammily Manufacturing Update

The photos of the brand new boy doll are here. Meet Animal Rescuer Lammily, the first male fashion doll made according to realistic body proportions! (please keep in mind that we’re working with manufacturer to adjust his hairline before he’s shipped to our warehouse.)   These are the first photos from the manufacturer. Once we […]

Lammily Doll

How to Restore Lammily Doll Hair

When we released the first Lammily doll in 2014, the soft hair was one of the first things kids noticed. However, we all have bad hair days and Lammily is no exception. So, we thought of sharing a tutorial on how to turn a bad hair day into a good one! We asked Alyssa Marotta, who restores dolls […]

Lammily Doll

New Boy Lammily Manufacturing Update

The newest addition to your Lammily doll family is taking shape! We received a 3D printed prototype from the manufacturer which they are using to make the tooling molds. While it’s far from the actual doll, it’s exciting to see the new boy doll, Animal Rescuer Lammily, coming to life! He has a subtle smile.. […]

Lammily Development

How a 25 year old Proved a $2 Billion Industry Wrong

After a successful crowdfunding campaign which saw 13,621 people preorder 21,000  dolls, “average” size fashion dolls, Nickolay Lamm got to work. These backers preordered the Lammily doll, billed as the first doll with realistic body proportions. His crowdfunding got quite the reception, appearing on Time, Good Morning America, USA Today, to name a few. Nickolay […]

Lammily Doll

They gave kids a Barbie doll and a doll with realistic proportions. What they say next really says it all.

Barbie has been criticized for decades for her unrealistic proportions. But In 2014 an artist gave kids a doll based on the proportions of the average 19 year old American woman and a Barbie doll. Why are Barbie’s body proportions an issue? According to BBC, all four of Barbies’ body shapes, including those recently released […]

Lammily Doll

Voting Begins for Boy Lammily’s Hobby…

Three weeks ago we asked you what Boy Lammily’s hobby should be. We received nearly 500 responses! We were thrilled not just with the amount of responses, but with the stories you made which went in depth into his character. Thank you so much for taking your time to offer your suggestions. After reading your […]

Lammily Doll

Lammily In Knowledge@Wharton show on Wharton Business Radio

from … Reed: That’s a great point. I think it’s hard to disentangle the reasons why these numbers may be dropping so much for Barbie. To what extent do strategies like this appear to be more desperate attempts at marketing gimmicks at the 11th hour correlated with sales dropping and things of that nature? Don’t […]

Lammily Doll

Boy Lammily Crowdfunding Update!

On March 9, 2016 at 9:00 am, Lammily launched a crowdfunding campaign to make the world’s first realistically proportioned male doll a reality. You can help make this project happen by contributing at the link below! On the first day backers contributed $18,000, already 25% of the crowdfunding total!